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Outrageous Flavor

The Challenge
To launch a brand new line of spirits, we did something breakthrough. Literally. By bringing Pucker Vodka’s outrageous flavor to life, we shattered category traditions and left the competition in pieces.
Pucker Sour Apple Sass
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Pucker Sour Apple Sass Banner
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Pucker Cherry Tease Ad
Pucker Sour Apple Sass Ad
Pucker Cherry Tease

Vodka Used to Be Tasteless

The campaign confronted the preconceived notions of vodka; that it’s boring and tasteless. We positioned Pucker Vodka as breaking these stereotypes and in doing so, successfully launched a totally new flavored vodka experience.

BroadcastShowed fruit rocketing into generic looking vodka bottles and martini glasses. This action shatters the glass, which reforms into the Pucker Vodka bottle.

PrintKept with the idea of exploding generic vodka and featured headlines alluding to the end of ‘boring’ and introduced of bold, intense flavor.

DigitalUtilized dynamic particle technology that created an interactive user experience that was just as breakthrough as the Pucker Vodka itself.