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Provocatively Premium

The Challenge
Our goal: make this premium vodka synonymous with smooth, sexy fun.
We mixed one part double entendre and a dash of provocatively understated visuals to create an iconic new campaign.
EFFEN Snow Bunny Print Ad
EFFEN Doorman Print Ad
Effen iPhone App Video
Effen Outdoor Ad

A Taste for the Suggestive

While vodka has a universal appeal, distinguishing between brands is often a challenge. We knew “effen” is both Dutch for “smooth” and a naughty euphemism. So we skipped the luxury posturing of the competition, and opted for a more wry and seductive approach.

PrintWe matched the playful spin on our Dutch client’s name with clean European minimalism.

iPhone AppThis Mobile FWA-winning augmented reality app allows users geo-locate the nearest bar serving EFFEN.