February 22, 2011

When Sound & Visuals Collide

In our world of brand communications it’s important to watch technology change the way that we interact with things. It can act as an important form of inspiration when concepting the next big thing for a client. Imagine integrating non-traditional interactive behaviors into client experiences whether as stunts, events, digital ooh, mobile apps and even micro-sites. Below you’ll find a few recent examples of things that really take audio/visual interactivity to the next level.

Performer by Konkreet Labs
Visual midi-control for the iPad.

Perspective Lyrique by 1024
Projection-mapping with real-time audio-reactive visuals

Barcode Book 2010 by Yuri Suzuki
Sound generating barcodes, interactive with stylus scanner

There are many more examples popping up everyday but we’re definitely seeing a convergence of media and technology in the interactive space. Creative opportunities for brands are now more unique than ever.