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Local Chicago artist Ray Noland, aka CRO, has won national acclaim for his iconic street art. His work has been featured everywhere from West Side underpasses to the collections of both the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian. Before his …

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Watch as Regan Kline returns from a 10-day backpacking trip in Europe to find his desk has been moved to more appropriate diggs.

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Interning at Euro Chi

Euro Chi’s Alec Jankowski gives an insider look at life as an intern on his blog The Neuron. Read his rants here. In ad school, they teach you a lot about advertising but never breathe a word about what happens …

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New is great, but old certainly has its charms

This set of photos (from How to Be a Retronaut, itself a great source of retrobilia) was taken by Stanley Kubrick in 1949 for aLook magazine story entitled “Chicago: City of Contrasts.” …

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Your Interface Seems Familiar

This article from UX Matters — entitled “How Zelda Paved the Way for Zynga” — puts into words something I’ve noticed but not yet named. Designers, marketers, and software/game/app companies are (consciously or unconsiously) tapping into a shared memory of …

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Bizword Bingo

Fast Company recently asked “Social Media Guru” Alex Blagg of to share some of his favorite “hot new Bizwords”. Some are easily on verge of being completely ridiculous but hey, you never know what will catch on next.

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