February 23, 2011

Wishful Thinking: 4Square Ad-centric Badges

No Bad Ideas Badge

I held the line on this old brainstorm axiom. Not even as much as an eye roll. But clearly, clearly we hit a dry spell about half way in and it wasn’t until that guy had started talking about Lincoln driving a Lincoln that things started to get interesting again.

Old Spice Firehose Badge
11 meetings, 6 phone calls, and 4 hallway conversations and I managed no less than 20 references to the Old Spice viral campaign. Enough already–here’s your stinkin’ badge. It’s starting to smell like the set of a Mannix reunion show in here.

I Just Let Go of the Lame App Idea Badge
Okay, I admit I didn’t think the whole “user experience thing” through and it took me two regroups to come to that decision. This is really a veiled attempt to get the agency to spring for my new iPhone.

Bogusky Resignation Theory Badge
Told a couple serious groups of visiting students that the real reason Alex Bogusky resigned was because he kept seeing me in his rearview mirror and I was gaining on him.

Written by Will Payovich