September 28, 2011


CRO Mayor illustration

Local Chicago artist Ray Noland, aka CRO, has won national acclaim for his iconic street art. His work has been featured everywhere from West Side underpasses to the collections of both the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian. Before his new show “LET THEM EAT CRO” takes over our offices in October, let’s take a look back
at some of his greatest hits.

Pork & Politics: Preview from CRO on Vimeo.

Run Blago Run

My work is simply about visually documenting and recording pop, social and political issues of my time … I comment on the American dream and the subsequent gap between it and reality. – CRO

CRO astronaut

CRO dictator

People like mystique. They don’t want a regular guy. They want a persona. – Chicago Tribune interview

CRO Rodan

Read the Chicago Tribune article on the “Go Tell Mama” Campaign.
Check out CRO’s site for more.