Our Approach

Creative Business Ideas™

Creativity limited just to advertising is … well, limiting. Enter the CBI, our systematic approach for diving into a client’s business. We merge insights into brand opportunities, consumer relevance and category advantages to explore new territory, and forge fresh connections with consumers. It takes a little bit of magic and a hell of a lot of hard work, but our clients deserve nothing less.

Brand Momentum Our real-time measurement tools pinpoint your brand’s performance across channels and anticipate where it needs to go to reach the future first.

Prosumer PulseCreating results means keeping our clients in front of consumer trends. We investigate what real people think, feel, say and buy now, and where they’ll be in 18 months to ensure future success.

Deciphering Your AdvantageDifferentiation is everything. Our methods let us unravel the competition’s strategy and identify opportunities to defy the convention of your brand’s category.

Power of One ModelOur unified process is who we are and essential to creating big ideas that leap across channels. We’re proud to have so many experts under one roof, collaborating across disciplines.

Our Values

Supporting Our Troops

We believe fostering the innate passion, talent and integrity of our teams. We want everyone at Euro RSCG Chicago to feel excited to come in each and every morning (and to hopefully send them home before it gets too late).

Good EnoughOur work doesn’t end when a project launches. Clients trust us to pull out all the stops and never stop pushing ahead.

Our Arsenal Is Always EvolvingDifferent and new need no justification. Nobody wants to buy a pre-owned ad. To engage and delight consumers, we’re constantly pushing into new channels.

Excitement Is Contagious We don’t mistake our opinions for those of the consumer, but we try to be honest about our ideas. If we stumbled upon this in the real world, would we be inspired? Would we race out to tell all our friends?

MidBestThey have things called “coasts.” Awesome to visit, but we get homesick fast. Hard work and honesty are a way of life here in Chicago. It’s a city boiling over with enthusiasm and passion, even in the dead of winter. Come visit and see for yourself.